Martina Růžičková

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2017- ongoing:

The Faculty of Fine Arts

the Brno University of Technology

PhD. programme

Research topic - Lifestyle for interspecies collectivism

(Tutor: doc. MgA. Mikuláš Macháček)


The Faculty of Fine Arts

The Brno University of Technology Intermedia Studio

(Head of the studio: MgA. Pavel Sterec, PhD)


Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

The Studio of Visiting Artist (Josef Dabernig)


Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague

Intermedia Art Studio

(Head of the studio: doc. ak. mal. Jiri David)


University of the Arts London

Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design

United Kingdom


The Faculty of Fine Arts

The Brno University of Technology


Intermedia Studio

(Head of the studio: doc. Vaclav Stratil, prom.ped.)


Performance Studio

(Head of the studio: prof. Tomas Ruller)



Czech Center; Bucharest; RO. (artist in residence)

Exhibitions and live performances


Occasional contributor:,

FaVU Graduates; The House of the Lords of Kunštát; Brno; CZ.

Polyamory Design Unit; 209 Gallery; Brno; CZ; solo exhibition.

Unlimited Progress Sector; off-off-space exhibition; Karlínska 4; Prague; CZ.

Rentier Fairy between what is and what may be; exhibition powered by Berlinskej Model Gallery; Prague; CZ.

Collection Collective. Template for a future model of representation;; Bratislava; SK.

Start Point Prize; National Gallery Trade Fair Pallace; Prague; CZ.


Dark Enlightenment, Modrý stan, masejc; makemake; Brno; CZ; ;;; solo exhibition. &ChatShow;; Berlin; DE.


Raw Food; NoD; Prague; CZ.


Cult Fu-Fu Pictures; Ferdinand Baumann Gallery; Prague; CZ.

At the Beginning ere Was Silence; Pilsen City Gallery; Pilsen; CZ. Alotrium; TIC Gallery; Brno; CZ.


Visual Smog; 209 Gallery; Brno; CZ; ;;; solo exhibition.

Was It or Not?; Open Gallery; Bratislava; SK.

Transfer, “Půda” Gallery, a part of International Documentary Film Festival Jihlava, CZ

The Final Carousel of Compromises; NoD Mini; Prague; CZ; ;;; solo exhibition.

Trivial Testimony of The third Kind (in collaboration with Tomas Hodbod and Filin Krug), Kytka Gallery, Prague; CZ.

Cult Fu-Fu / Cheap Retrospective I.; Month of Performance Art Berlin; DE.

PERFORMANCE LAB : screening of Czech and Slovak video art; Czech Centre New York; USA.

Hi5!; The Brno House of Arts,; Brno; CZ.

2012The Cynic Love/Old Testament; K4; Prague; CZ.

part of a Liverpool Biennial catalogue in collaboration with Jiri Kovanda; Liverpool Biennial; UK. From eatre to Normal, live performance, Fotograf Gallery; Prague; CZ.

From e Road; Umakart Gallery; Brno; CZ.

Rund Licht; D9 Gallery; České Budějovice; CZ.

VIDEOFORMES Festival; Školská 21 Gallery; MeetFactory; Prague; CZ.

Videokemp; one‐day exhibition of contemporary videoart; CZ.

Calculation; 115/55 Gallery; Brno; CZ; ;;; solo exhibition.

2011ANYMOUS Performance Festival; Ostrava; CZ.

Communication with Hermann Nitsch; Reduta eatre; Brno; CZ.

Eat me/Drink me; Reduta eatre; Brno; CZ.

PERFORMANCE LAB: Exploring Contemporary Czech Performance; Centre for Contemporary Art DOX; Prague; CZ.

Bunch of Roses; individual performance with elements of collectivity; Centre for Contemporary Art DOX; Prague; CZ.

5DekaTance; Slévárna Vaňkovka Gallery; Brno; CZ.


“TERROR” Workshop Špaček(Mainz) - FaVU; Aula Gallery; Brno; CZ.



GMBaČ (Gustav Mahler was Czech maybe); section of Month of Performance Art Berlin 2014; in collabora- tion with Tomas Hodbod; Dimitrij Kruhlov and Ferdinand Baumann Gallery.


Miss FaVU 2012, a beauty competition, organized in accordance with the naive/Classicizing/Classical Greek kalokagathia, in collaboration with Intermedia Studio as a part of s-‐ ux project; Brno House of Arts; (


Project Jaguar, in a collaboration with Tomas Hodbod and Stepan Cizek, Birmingham, Channel Tunnel, Brussels, Pilsen.

Curatorial projects and production


workshop “Small School of Precarious Labor” with Inga Zimprich; FaVU VUT; Brno; CZ. e House of SM Collection; Monomach Gallery; Brno; CZ.


A part of 207 Gallery curatorial team; UMPRUM; Prague; CZ.